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    Parent-Teacher Conferences - Update

    The parent-teacher conference website is up and running. Thank you for your patience.

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  • KLSD Pre-Kindergarten Panel Discussion

    If you have a child turning the age of five on or before December 1, 2018, then please plan to join us for the annual Pre-Kindergarten Panel Discussion hosted by KLSD Faculty and Administrators on November 8th, 10-11 am, in the Katonah Elementary School cafeteria. Please RSVP to Debbie Winter, Secretary to the Principal at or 914-763-7702.

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  • Consider Allergies Before Bringing Food to Share

    Please check with your child’s teacher before bringing snacks, holiday foods, and special decorations into school to share with the class as we have students in our district who have allergies to nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, spices, latex, bees etc.

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  • KLSD Celebrates National School Bus Safety Week


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  • Meet Mrs. Jeanne Hand, the New Librarian at KES


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  • Innovation Grants: KLSD Two-Year Journey Begins


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  • Kweon Stambaugh Named Assistant Principal of Katonah Elementary School


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NOTE from the HEALTH Office


Red Ribbon Week Tips for Parents

Drug prevention can start at any age. Talking with young children will look different than talking with a teenager. The earlier we begin a dialogue with our children about alcohol and other drugs the more comfortable they will be asking questions in the future. Family discussions are the best way to pass on our values and expectations.


*Explain how drugs can interfere with the way our bodies work and can make a person very sick or even cause them to die.

*There has been a lot of talk about “prescription drugs.” If your children ask about this, you may need to explain that medicines prescribed by a doctor and administered by a responsible adult may help during illness and are different from “drugs” that are misused and can become dangerous. Medicines taken the way the doctor suggests are OK.

They may ask:

Why would people want to put bad things in their bodies?
*One answer might be that they might not realize how dangerous drugs can be.

Sometimes people start using a drug just to see what it feels like, but it can turn into an addiction (like cigarettes) and it's very hard to stop using it. Another answer may be that they are not taking care of themselves.

Why can't I taste that "grown up" drink?
*A small amount of alcohol has a much greater negative effect on a child's body than on an adult's; even a small amount can sicken a child.

*Praise your children for taking good care of their bodies, making good choices and avoiding things that might harm them. Modeling healthy behavior is always more powerful than lecturing.